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"Based on the info in your book, I updated my headshot and resume. Right after this, I got booked on my first short film.  Love this book!!"

- Dora Riman (Actress)

“From Start to Stardom gives the actor something you CAN’T BUY or TEACH and that’s HOPE.”
Marv Dauer – (Marv Dauer Management)

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How to Get Discovered

The Roles of Agents and Managers

How to Prepare for An Audition

The Keys to Successful Self-Taping

How to Get the Job

What the Casting Director Looks For


"I like actors and have always enjoyed helping them to succeed in their careers."

I am constantly asked,

“What can I do to get started as an actor?” 

"How do I get discovered?"

“My daughter or son wants to be an actor, and I have no idea how to go about it.”

“Can you help me get into the business?”

“What are the first things that I should do?”

“Should I get an agent or a manager?”

“Why am I not getting more callbacks, they seem to really like me?”

“How do I meet the right people?”

“What kind of classes should I take?”

“How can I prepare better for my auditions?” etc.


The requests and questions are endless, so I decided I would write a book to give you all the answers to these questions and more. Drawing from more than thirty years of casting experience, I have a good understanding of the process and the pitfalls that so many actors fall into. This is my way of helping a lot of people and giving you a step-by-step guide for a successful career.

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It's for the young kid or teen watching television saying, “I could do that.” To the more seasoned actor who has been kicking around for several years and can’t quite seem to get ahead. To those who have graduated high school or college with a theater background who need to understand the business of the entertainment industry, which includes the process of how to get started, getting an agent or manager, taking a good headshot, the steps to successful auditioning, and much more.


This book is designed for all of you!


I am excited for you to read the book and get started on your journey. I hope that most of your questions will be answered, but if there is something that comes up as you travel along the path to becoming a successful actor, please feel free to contact me by clicking here.

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Actor’s performances have always inspired me. The question I often asked myself is, “Who will be the next star?” because I’m always looking for the next star. 


I was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Hollywood. As a young girl I tagged along with my dad, well-known director, Jerry London, as often as possible. I loved being on the  television sets with him. As a director of some of the most popular shows of that era, he knew everyone, or at least that’s how it seemed to me. He directed Hogan’s Heroes, The Partridge Family, The Brady Bunch, Happy Days, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Rockford Files, Kojak, Six Million Dollar Man, Wheels, Chiefs, and Shogun to name a few. He was the most  notable Hollywood director for television and mini-series during my formative years. 

Not only did I get to visit exotic locations, but I got to observe some of the greatest acting talents of all time, many who have won Academy Awards in their days.  Wonderful actors like, Gregory Peck, Christopher Plummer, Rock Hudson, Jane Seymour, Richard Chamberlain, Mary Tyler Moore, James Garner, Edward James Olmos, Shirley Jones, Florence Henderson, Telly Savalas, Danny Glover and Annette Bening were just a few of the incredible actors I was able to watch. Their  journeys of how they became successful were fascinating to me. I’m not sure when it happened exactly, but I vowed to be part of this exciting business, myself. 

Casting was a natural progression for me, and it has been a great profession considering my lifelong connection to Hollywood. 

We have all heard the stories of actors being discovered in places you would least  expect, such as Matt Dillon who was discovered by a talent scout who spotted him hanging out in a hallway at his junior high school or Jennifer Lawrence who was discovered while vacationing in New York City. Natalie Portman was discovered while going out for pizza, and Harrison Ford got his big break while working as a carpenter for  George Lucas. As he was building cabinets for Lucas’ new office, George asked him to read lines for absent actors starring in his upcoming film, Star Wars. The rest is history! 

Being “discovered” is just a part of the journey. Being prepared is a journey of its own! I wrote this book to assist YOU in navigating your career. Currently there are so many avenues for actors to showcase their talents. There are so many additional ways to promote yourself, get work and get discovered.

In addition to film, television and theater, people are being discovered every day through the ever-expanding internet media such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Instagram, and TikTok, etc. 

In this book, I take you behind the casting director's doors, walking you step by step from getting started, to making the most of your headshot and resume, getting an agent and/or manager and much more. I include how to start promoting yourself and exact steps on how to get the part when auditioning plus the mindset that goes along with being in this business. And I have included an entire chapter on tips for successful self-taping. In some chapters, there are even worksheet pages for you to follow so you can get practical experience. 

Also included are interviews with working Hollywood Professionals, including a top headshot photographer, a prominent agent for young talent, an accomplished manager who has worked with leading actors and actresses of our time, a director of many successful television shows and even a few exciting interviews with recognizable talent. 

Anyone who has a dream to act deserves a chance to audition, so I want to share my knowledge and give actors the road to success. I wish you all the best in your journey. 

Let's get started!


Lisa London has a casting career that expands over thirty years, and tons of knowledge to pass down to actors! Whether you're looking for ongoing classes to keep your acting skills sharp, one-on-one coaching for that upcoming audition or are looking for career guidance and expertise, you've come to the right place!

See below to choose the next right step in your career.

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