How to Book Your Next Acting Gig

You’ve just finished your last acting gig and now you’re trying to find the next one!  Just like searching for a new job, finding new auditions and landing a new acting job can seem daunting. You could end up thinking, “there aren’t any acting jobs out there!”  But the successful actor, the true professional, understands […]

Interview with Jade Pettyjohn

This month’s interview is with the delightful and talented actress, Jade Pettyjohn.  Jade began her acting career at the age of seven in Los Angeles.  She first began singing and dancing in a local performing troupe. After booking a national commercial at the age of seven, she then went onto  co-star on the CBS hit show, The […]

Adam Shapiro Interview

A few days ago, I spoke with my good friend and actor, Adam Shapiro. I first met Adam in 2007 when I cast him in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and I again in 2008 when I cast him in House Bunny. When I was auditioning actors for these roles, Adam stood out because he not only […]

Acting, Ambition and Success

On the October 5th episode of The Voice, Pharrell says to a contestant named Shelby, “That’s what being 16 years old, being driven and dreaming super hard gets you, it gets you, everybody in here standing up and clapping for you.”