“From Start to Stardom gives the actor something you CAN’T BUY or TEACH and that’s HOPE.”
Marv Dauer – (Marv Dauer Management)

“I finished your book and I have to say its nothing short of amazing! you really have given a gift to actors with this book. Bravo!!”
Kimberly Elise – (Hit The Floor)

“Lisa London has gifted the entertainment world with a true gem, From Start to Stardom. From A-Z she guides aspiring actors through the process of starting a successful career in the business. She offers straightforward advice and clear insight into Hollywood and what it takes to succeed. This book is a must read for anyone looking to become a professional working actor in Hollywood.”
Jacqueline Maddison – (Beverly Hills Magazine)

“I wish this book was available when I graduated from college and started auditioning. It’s so great to hear this advice from a casting director’s perspective. And Lisa is the best! I should know – she gave me my first television job and we’ve been friends ever since!”
Megan Hilty – (Smash, Sean Saves The World)

“I have been a working actress from the time I was seven years old and From Start to Stardom would have been a great resource book to have from the beginning. Show business has its highs and lows and throughout it’s important to know you are one of a kind with something special to offer. Lisa’s book helps you maintain your individuality and cultivates your passion.”.
Daniella Monet – (Victorious)

“Best book EVER! Lisa really gives us the inside track on how to make it as an actor! There’s so much to learn when getting started in Hollywood and this book is smart, concise and very insightful! A TRUE must have for every parent and actor!”
Tish Cyrus (Miley’s Mom)

“Lisa London is a phenomenal resource for any actor, both new and seasoned, and her book is a wonderful tool and must-have for those wanting to know what’s what in the entertainment industry.
Sarah Shyn, Manager – 3 Arts Entertainment

“Lisa’s book “From Start to Stardom” is an invaluable and amazing tool for actors of any age. I have known Lisa London for 20 years and she is a true gift to the entertainment business. Lisa is a wealth of information and she is one of the few people in Hollywood that cares.”
Cindy Osbrink – Owner/ Agent, The Osbrink Agency

“What a great book – Lisa tells it like it is. I followed much of her advice and ended up making my dream come true of being on a Disney Channel series.”
Adam Irigoyen – (Shake It Up)

“As both an Actor and Executive Producer, I think Lisa’s book is fantastic! She really explains the process of casting so an actor can understand what they need to do. As a former 3-Time NBA World Champion, I know a winner when I see one. ‘From Start to Stardom’ is your key to a successful career.”
Rick Fox – Actor and Executive Producer

“When I first got to LA in ’95, one of the first people I met was Lisa. After seeing me onstage, she had great advice that helped me not get my ass kicked in this big city. She knows what she’s talking about and you should listen. Well, read…but listen at the same time!”
Wayne Brady – Emmy Award winning actor, singer, comedian and television personality

“As head of casting for a network and having worked with Lisa on many of our projects over the years, I am so excited that she wrote this book. She is an ideal person to share her experience on the business and to help actors go From Start to Stardom.”
Sharon Lieblein