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What does a Casting Director look for?

Happy Holidays!!  Here is my gift to you;  Insider information on what a Casting Director looks for when you are auditioning.

These are 4 important points that I tell actors to apply when you are auditioning:

1) Be prepared.  What does being prepared mean in this day and age?  It means doing your research thoroughly.  If you are going to be auditioning for a television show, have you watched that TV program? There is no reason that you can’t watch a program even if you don’t have cable. Most shows are available on your computer so they are easy to watch. If you are auditioning for a movie or a pilot, research the Producers, Director, Casting Director, etc.   This gives you inside information on what type of projects that they have done before.  Is it a drama or a comedy? What is the their style of filmmaking? What is the tone (quality, feeling or attitude expressed) of the project? If it is a commercial, what is the product?

2) Making a choice.  Always make a strong bold choice when auditioning.   Don’t be afraid to do something unusual.  If it fits for the character, then go for it! Don’t be afraid to take a risk and go outside of your comfort zone if it feels right.  But remember to make choices from the point of view of the character. (As a side note, if you are playing a tough guy, or a criminal, never bring weapons of any kind to an audition to get into the character!)

3) Keep a good attitude.  Even if you are having a rough day, when you come to the audition, leave it outside.  Auditioning is part of your job, so it is up to you to have a good attitude when you meet professionals in the business.  Also, we always remember actors who are not only talented, but have a good attitude.

4) Most importantly, enjoy yourself.  Auditioning should be fun.  Yes, you might be auditioning for a serious character, but it should be fun to work on the character and use your imagination to create that role.  The business of acting is where you get to use your creative energies to develop the role, so enjoy yourself and have fun.  Whether you are auditioning or working on the character, remember that this is your moment to shine!! For more expanded information on these points plus others, check out the Chapters 9, 10 and 11 in my book.

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