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What to do If Your Agent Drops You as a Client

Our agency just dropped our agent and subsequently dropped my daughter along with 20 other child actors with no announcement.

(I found out when I stopped hearing from the agent for a week and called in.) The agency is well-known and established in NY and LA. SAG said there is nothing they can do. Another person that we consulted said, “I suppose you are going home.”

I did send them a note, saying that is not the right thing to say to a SAG mom.

I am not sure how to really explain this to other agents when we now attempt to find new representation.

What do we do?

Thanks for your help!
C & M
Dear C & M,

I can understand how frustrating the situation is when your agency drops you like that. My suggestion is to write a simple cover letter explaining that you are seeking new representation for Madison. That unfortunately your agent was dropped or you can say she left (whatever you feel is most appropriate for you) from the agency your daughter was with and that you are seeking new representation. I wouldn’t focus on the negative and all the details of why this happened.

I would instead focus on the attributes of your daughter and how you have heard great things about the ______ (put in the new agency or agent here). Make sure you address the letter to a particular agent.

Then I would say, I will give you a call next week to follow up and see if we can meet. Don’t forget to include her pic and resume also.

Remember, PERSIST, PERSIST, PERSIST! Hope that helps.

Best of luck,

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