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How to Get Starting in the Acting Business

Whether you are interested in theater, television, or film, the entertainment industry can be tricky to figure out in the beginning of your career. Many actors of every age and even parents of child actors have said to me, “We have no idea on where to begin this journey.” In my book, “From Start to Stardom,” I share insights and experience I’ve learned during my 25 year career in the industry. Here is a valuable tip to help you get started on your journey: When you are starting out, get in a professional acting class. These can range from scene study, improvisation, a musical theater, a commercial or audition technique class, or even a class at your school which has a theater arts program. In order to land acting roles you are going to need to know how to audition.
  • Being in a professional class helps you as an actor to:
  • gain experience
  • try out different characters
  • gain confidence
  • networking opportunities
    1. You will gain experience by practicing your lines and memorizing scenes that you perform. The more you practice and perform in class, the more it will help you when you audition for a casting director, producer, or director. I have observed that actors who are regularly taking class and performing feel more confident and comfortable in their auditions.
    1. A class also gives you the opportunity to try out different characters. It is important to try different roles and expand your character range as an actor. It is a good idea to push yourself outside comfort zone, think “outside the box” and work on characters that you possibly didn’t think you could play. Class is a great way to challenge yourself with these roles and discover your strengths and weaknesses and see what does and doesn’t work for you.
    1. An acting class can also give you confidence. Confidence is defined as: a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities. You gain confidence by practice, practice, practice! No matter what your talent is, whether it is singing, dancing, acting, playing an instrument, being an athlete, the way to get better at something is by practicing. The more you practice, you will believe in yourself and know, “that you can do this!”
  To quote Arthur Ashe, one of the best tennis players in the world:

“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.”

  1. Lastly, classes can be a great source for networking opportunities. You never know what teacher or actor is going to have a connection to someone in the industry.
I have been to a number of showcases that were put on by an acting class or a theater arts program in school where I saw some amazing talent. I have helped some of those actors from class get a meeting with an agent or manager and even brought them into audition where they were cast in roles. One actress who I cast in a pilot for television told me that she was seen by her first manager from a play that she did at her high school. Another actor I met at an acting class in Florida, contacted me when he came out to Los Angeles and I helped him to get his first agent. One just never knows who in the industry they might meet by being in class and performing. Many actors have told me that even as they book regular jobs and become successful, they continue to attend an acting class as it helps them to stay on top of their game and continue to perform even when they aren’t working. Continue to work on your craft and become the best actor that you can be!! Happy Auditioning!!!
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