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How to Book Your Next Acting Gig

You’ve just finished your last acting gig and now you’re trying to find the next one!  Just like searching for a new job, finding new auditions and landing a new acting job can seem daunting.

You could end up thinking, “there aren’t any acting jobs out there!”  But the successful actor, the true professional, understands the game, the marketplace and the amount of effort needed to succeed. 

Here are a few tips that can help you land that next gig.

Know Your Purpose

Before going into an audition, know why you want to be an actor and act in general.  Then know why you are auditioning for that part.

If you have a purpose and passion for acting, if you love the work and the process, if you enjoy creating characters and feel you can impact others by your performances, if you feel most alive when you are on stage, then embrace the process and journey that each audition and role provides.

If you’re auditioning and want to act because you want to become famous, you will more often than not, find yourself frustrated and disappointed.

Acting to be famous is not something one can do.  Movie, Television, Broadway stars, singers, dancers, all become famous because other people are all talking about them on account of their notable achievements.  Fame is a result of excellence in your craft as viewed by others, along with a dose of humility and graciousness.

There are many familiar instances where this has occurred.  Emma Stone from Easy A, Lin Manuel Miranda from the Broadway sensation, Hamilton, Beyoncé when she was the lead vocalist of the R&B Group, Destiny’s Child, are well known examples.  Their success didn’t happen overnight and their success is rooted in each performers knowledge and ability to perform their craft.  They were working and building their skills and their careers long before the public saw them as “famous.”

Familiarize Yourself with the Material

Just like any other job application, you need to familiarize yourself with what is needed and wanted from the audition.  Make sure you know your material well.  Make a strong choice about the role.  Decide what you should wear, and how you will embody the character.  The one thing that bothers casting directors the most is when an actor isn’t prepared and acts like they can just “wing it” with their talent.  Casting directors see straight through this and know you are wasting our time. 

Being familiar with details is a vitally important step of the audition as you feel the most confident when you are the most prepared!

Seek Alternate Options

If you’re looking to land bigger parts or are looking for auditions in bigger cities, but aren’t having any luck, try checking out some local acting jobs.  There are a lot of local acting jobs to audition for can be found on websites such as: http://www.backstage.com/, http://www.2016auditions.com/, http://www.actorsaccess.com/ and www.castingnetworks.com

Sometimes these jobs are smaller gigs, but not always.  As an actor, it is better to act than to not act.  There are so many advantages to doing smaller roles.  You get used to the auditioning process, preparing and delivering the character.  Not only will you gain more experience, but it is a good way to build up one’s resume. Having more consistent acting jobs can take away the feeling that jobs are scarce, which makes you more relaxed and confident in auditions.  You will start feeling that you can win at this!

Additionally, many actors create their own opportunities while they are building their career by getting a group of actor friends together and making a short film or a web-series.  In this age of the internet, there are countless opportunities to create your own projects and get them seen on-line.

Stay Positive

If getting your next acting gig takes a while, stay positive!!  Persevering will make the process go more easily.  Some days you will absolutely crush that audition and other days you may feel like you weren’t able to connect with character or nail those moments.  But don’t despair!  Don’t get stuck in the negatives!  Failure is sometimes a necessary component in any success.  Learn to create from the failure with your creative energy.  Build on those experiences and have no doubt about persevering through the rough patches.  Continue to create on your career as an actor and you will land your next gig!!

Lisa London Featured in Backstage.com as Monthly Contributing Writer
Interview with Jade Pettyjohn


  1. Do you know of any acting classes in the San Fernando Valley? My son really enjoyed doing the auditions in your office but now needs a little extra to push him over the edge to land the parts.

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