Tips for Becoming a Successful Actor

Becoming a successful Hollywood actor takes a lot of hard work and dedication to your craft. Here are some simple tips to help your acting career become a reality. First, understand the definition of success: An accomplishment of an aim or purpose. A person that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity.

Tips for Effective Self-Taping

Self-taping is definitely something that occurs in the auditioning process more and more these days. No matter where you live, being an expert in self-taping is a must! Today, actors are not only expected to provide a dynamic audition, but now, you must also be able to create a quality recording for taped auditions. Here […]

The Biz Interview: Lisa London

Casting director Lisa London has been on top of her field for more than 25 years. She has cast early in their careers such actors as Mark Ruffalo, Emma Stone, and Jonah Hill who have all gone onto become stars. Recently Lisa London has turned her attention to writing by sharing a few of her secrets in her new book, […]

Is Acting More Important Or Social Media Popularity?

Which is more important – Acting Ability or Social Media Popularity? Before the advent of social media, acting ability and talent landed you roles. In today’s world, however, directors and producers have the ability to instantly assess your popularity, via social media. Now, more than ever, gaining an online presence is important, but is it […]

How to Stand Out at an Audition

Most actors hope to be what the casting directors are looking for. As a casting director, I sit through hours of auditions, hoping to find the perfect person who fits the role. As an actor, it may be hard to assess what the casting directors, producers and directors are looking for. Talent is definitely a […]

How to Get Starting in the Acting Business

Whether you are interested in theater, television, or film, the entertainment industry can be tricky to figure out in the beginning of your career. Many actors of every age and even parents of child actors have said to me, “We have no idea on where to begin this journey.” In my book, “From Start to […]

How to Write an Acting Resume

Your acting resume is a critical element in landing the roles you desire. It is the casting director’s first impression of you after your headshot. No matter your level of experience, a professional resume will help get your foot in the door.

Virtual Channel Network: The Actor Symposium Series 6/9/2014

Lisa London and her partner Catherine Stroud have helped catapult the careers of actors such as Jonah Hill, Emma Stone, Selena Gomez and many more of today’s mega stars. In this episode, Lisa sits with us to discuss how actors can maximize their opportunities and what they can expect in the casting room. Early reviews […]

Lisa Interviewed by Actress Kimberly Elise

We’ve tallied up your questions for Lisa London, a seasoned casting director who casts for Kimberly’s show Hit The Floor. There were so many good questions, and we narrowed them down to those that were most relevant to the majority of people interested in a career in acting. Lisa and her partner Catherine Stroud have […]