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Award Season…

With the upcoming Academy Awards, most of you will be glued to your televisions from the beginning of the red carpet walk until the final Oscar for Best Picture. It’s an incredible production – can you imagine being on that red carpet and speaking with the top Hollywood stars present and past just like they were your friends?!?!? How many of us have imagined the moment our name was called to receive a wonderful award, and how eloquent and funny we are when we receive it? And how easy it is to be critical if some wonderful actor falls short in their thank you’s.

Awards are great and everyone likes to be acknowledged – and I mean everyone. From the barrister at Starbucks to your Mom, everyone enjoys being acknowledged and appreciated – don’t you?

This brings me to a point from our book, “From Start to Stardom” where we talk about getting your headshot made into postcards. Many people have no idea why you would even do this. The reason you get postcards made is so after your auditions or after having successfully worked on a project, you send a postcard with a little note (and your picture on the front) to say thanks! It was good to meet you, had a great time, please keep me in mind… anything you like. I also receive many thank you cards with the postcard and a note inside. It once again puts your face in front of the Casting Director and for that instant they will think about you – again. It’s good manners and good promotion. It is important to keep records of the Casting offices that you audition for. Be sure to keep the address where to send the postcards. When you have something to promote – for example, you are going to be in a play, a television show or movie, you got new head shots made, you got a new agent or manager, you’re doing a showcase – anything at all that you can think of – SEND A POSTCARD! I look forward to getting them from all of you!!
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