LL Black sweaterI like actors and have always enjoyed helping them to succeed in their careers. I am constantly asked,“How do I get started as an actor?,” “My daughter or son wants to be an actor, and I have no idea how to go about it,” “Can you help me get into the business?,” “What are the first things that I should do?,” “Should I get a manager or an agent?,” “Why am I not getting more callbacks, they seem to really like me?,” “How do I meet the right people?,” “What kind of classes should I take?,” “How can I do better at my auditions?,” etc.


The requests and questions are endless, so I decided I would write a book to answer them. While on vacation in Boston, I turned to my good friend, Rochell and said, “I have been thinking for some time about writing a book to help actors.” Rochell, who has a very eclectic background in theater, television and film, jumped at the idea. So the book project was born. Now we just had to write it. Drawing from more than twenty years of casting experience, I have a good understanding of the process and the pitfalls that so many actors fall into. This is my way of reaching a lot of people and giving a step-by-step guide for a successful career.


Guidance for Actors of All Ages

There is guidance for actors of all ages. From a young kid or teen watching television saying, “I can do that,” to the more seasoned actor who has been kicking around for several years and can’t quite seem to get ahead, to those who have graduated high school or college with a theater background who need to understand the business of the entertainment industry which includes the process of how to get started, getting an agent or manager, taking a good headshot, the steps to auditioning, and much more. This book is designed to answer all those questions.


For example, when an actor is just starting on their journey, they all want to know, “what do I do first?” There is a lot of information on how one goes about getting started and what avenues they can pursue to start building their resume. When someone goes to do a photo shoot, they can refer to the chapter on headshots in the book to  be prepared to get the best results possible. They can also follow the Do’s and Don’ts and avoid wasting their time and money. I am excited for you to read the book and get started on your journey. I hope that most of your questions will be answered, but if there is something that comes up as you travel along the path to becoming a successful actor, please feel free to contact me by clicking here.